The Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve is hands down one of the most exciting times of the year for little ones, and over the last couple of years the Christmas Eve box has become quite the craze. We love them and thought we’d provide some inspiration for what to include in yours…

We have a new stockist at Brown Bear, Ginger Ray! As part of their “Santa and Friends” range they’ve released a “Night before Christmas” box which has inspired this blog post. If you’ve decided to jump on the Christmas Eve box bandwagon (wow that was a bit of a mouthful), you don’t need to spend a lot. It’s really up to you what kind of a budget you set and the size of the box can make a difference!

The Box

Well, first you need the box itself. You don’t need to buy a fancy new box, but this box from Ginger Ray is lovely, it’s a great size, and it won’t break the bank! It is like an investment piece too, because hopefully this will be used for many years to come. But there are lots of lovely wooden or cardboard boxes around, or if you’re a particularly creative individual, you could have some fun making one.


What to include?

  • Festive Pjs – There’s nothing better than new Pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve. They don’t even particularly need to be Christmas themed, new Pyjamas in general are a lovely gift.
  • An outfit to wear on Christmas Day – If you already have an abundance of Pjs for your little one, an alternative could be a new outfit to wear on Christmas Day.
  • A new soft toy – Quite often these are included in the stocking, but it could be a nice idea to provide the soft toy the night before to help calm them for Christmas Day.
  • A Christmas book – We would almost say this is a must have for a Christmas Eve box, nothing beats a bedtime story. We love this Moulin Roty Sylvain Christmas Book Set. 

  • A Christmas DVD – This doesn’t necessarily need to be a christmas film, it could be your child’s favourite film. Either way, it is lovely to snuggle up and watch it together on Christmas Eve before bedtime. It could also help to keep them busy for a bit on Christmas Day.
  • A milk bottle – These Sass and Belle Christmassy milk bottles have been really popular, we’ve sold out of them once already! We think these would make a perfect addition to a Christmas Eve box.
  • Christmas treats (chocolate/sweets/a special cookie) – You’re going to need to supervise this as you don’t want them eating lots of sugar the night before Christmas, you would probably appreciate some sleep.
  • Hot chocolate – This will help add to the cosy-ness of Christmas Eve, new Pjs, a new soft toy, and a mug of hot chocolate. Dreamy.
  • Stocking – Including your child’s stocking in their Christmas Eve box can help to build the excitement for Christmas Day, and encourages the tradition of hanging the stocking in anticipation for Father Christmas coming.
  • A Christmas decoration – For a similar reason, including a Christmas decoration in the box allows for your child to take part in the tradition of decorating the tree.
  • Christmas Eve Kit – Another fun tradition is the leaving out of treats for Father Christmas and his reindeer, Rudolph. Ginger Ray have a Christmas Eve kit which includes all the perfect accessories – a ‘Santa’s Drink’ coaster, a ‘Santa Please Stop Here’ door sign, a ‘Santa’s Snack’ tag, and a ‘Reindeer Snack’ tag!
  • Letter from Santa – Not all of the gifts in the box do you need to buy. A really lovely thing to include is a letter from Santa, where you can list all of the reasons why your child made it to his “Nice List”.
  • Reindeer food – This is another magical and creative gift to include, you can make it yourself. All you need is; oats, edible glitter, a clear bag, ribbon, and a gift tag. Simply add all the ingredients into the bag, give it a good shake, and tie with the ribbon. On the gift tag just write ‘Reindeer Food’, it’s as easy as that. All that is left to do is let the children sprinkle it on the grass outside and there you have a lovely snack for the reindeer while Santa is delivering their presents!
  • Special bubble bath or a festive bath bomb – to wind down at the end of the day and may encourage an earlier night!

We hope these suggestions have been helpful, and most importantly enjoy putting together the box, it’s a lot of fun to do! For other ideas on how to make Christmas eve more magical, click here for the blog post we did last year that has lots of great ideas!