How to survive a flight with little ones!

As it is now coming up to holiday season we thought we would put together some ideas for getting through those dreaded flights with the kids! We hope it gives you some hope and inspiration to make the journey, and not just the holiday, enjoyable.


Top of our list is Trunkis, as the first issue of going on a flight is fitting everything in your luggage! Trunkis are great as they are hand luggage size so you know you’ll be able to get them on with you. They also only weigh 1.7kg so plenty of allowance for filling the 18 litre storage capacity with your actual luggage. Practicalities aside, these suitcases are just so much fun! There are countless wonderful designs – so definitely something for everyone – plus they’re ride on. A much more interesting way to get from A to B in the airport, and saves those little legs! You can have a little browse of the ones we stock on our website.

Travelling with babies

It is important that you and your baby are comfortable when flying. Make sure you’re both in nice comfy clothes. It might be a good idea to take a spare change of clothes for you both – you never know what accidents may occur! On that note, wet wipes are always a good thing to have to hand as well.

With regards to feeding, most airlines will allow you to take milk and formula in baby bottles which can exceed the liquid measure restrictions. It is of course worth checking with your particular airline if they do this and what the exact amount you’re allowed is. If you’re baby is at the stage of moving on to solids, then things like Ella’s Kitchen pouches are great for travelling. Lovely pureed food at your fingertips! The only thing to consider is that these may count as part of your liquid allowance.

It’s a nice idea to take a blanket to keep your baby nice and cosy on the flight and also to bring a toy or comforter from home with you too.

I think the most important thing however, is to do your best to relax. Most people are more understanding than you think so if the odd cry or tantrum does occur, try not to get flustered. If you are really worried about this then trying to book a flight that fits with your baby’s routine can help. For example, if you book a night flight they may be more likely to sleep for the journey. It’s also handy to bear in mind that it might be good to time feeds with take- off and landing as the swallowing will help prevent that uncomfortable ear popping.

One final idea which might be quite helpful is to have a sling/baby carrier. This just means you can have your hands free when going through the whole process of checking in etc. Definitely handy when you have lots of luggage to drag around too! Check out the slings and carriers that we do and see if any look like they would suit your needs.

Travelling with toddlers/young children

These guys are potentially going to need a lot more to keep them entertained! Here are some of our ideas:

  • Snacks, snacks and more snacks! Including suckie sweets for take-off and landing to avoid popping ears.
  • Books and magazines are a great way to keep your kids entertained. Magazines in particular are very handy as they can be bought at the airport and can be thrown away at the other end. Kids magazines will have great activities in them so can be a bit more interactive than just having a story read to them, just remember to bring some pens!
  • These days many of us have iPads or tablets. These can be wonderful for keeping children entertained on a flight. You can download books on to them so you don’t have to worry about the added weight of books in your hand luggage, you can download films and television shows on to them too, as well as plenty of child-friendly apps and games. There are plenty of toddler and kids headphones on the market – it may be worth investing in a good pair before jetting off.
  • There are endless games to be played on a flight. Some of our favourites don’t involve any materials (for example, ‘I Spy’ and ‘Boy, Girl, Animal, Place’) or for some all you need is paper and a pen – for example, noughts and crosses, and ‘dots and boxes’.
  • If you want to branch out a bit more with your games, then we have some other suggestions. Tiger Tribe have designed some great magnetic kits which would fit perfectly in your hand-luggage. There’s so much fun to be had with these little kits which fold out into a double-sided play scene and two sheets of press-out magnets.
  • Tiger Tribe also make the most amazing colouring sets and other kits. These are, again, the perfect size for travel and are bound to keep your little ones well occupied. Their kits range from craft kits such as paper dolls kits, to spy activity kits. The colouring sets are super lovely – they come complete with crayons, stickers, and a notebook full of activities and pictures.
  • Any kind of colouring books and dot-to-dot picture books are real winners!
  • Even for these slightly older children, it’s probably a good idea to have a change of clothes and some wipes with you because you just never know!

We hope you have a lovely holiday! x