The World of Weaning!

Weaning can be a very fun process in your baby’s development, and the introduction of food will shape the foundations of their eating habits. However, at times the process of weaning can seem daunting. Here are two weaning methods, their pros, and food ideas to help you get started.

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Encouraging healthy eating habits

As a parent or caregiver, you play a key role in influencing what your children eat. Providing them with a balanced diet stabilises their energy, improves their mood, and sharpens their concentration so they perform better at school. Children who eat well are also more likely to grow up healthily, develop strong bones, and become successful and happy in life.

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Should children eat fats?

Fears of obesity and heart disease have led many of us to cut back on fat. And yet, fats are an important part of a healthy, balanced diet – and they can be good for us too. Some of the key nutrients the brain requires to keep it working are essential fatty acids, which the body can’t make so we need to consume from our food. This is especially important for children, whose brains are still developing. See below for our guide to feeding your family the most health-giving fats.

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Becoming sugar-aware

Sugar is a staple in our diets. We love it, and our children love it even more – and yet the truth is we’re eating too much of the stuff. It was because of our early ancestors that we’ve been hardwired to love the taste of sugar – it helped them to distinguish sweet edible berries from sour poisonous ones, so they learned to prefer the foods that would keep them alive. Our lives couldn’t be more different today. Is sugar really as bad as the critics would have us believe? Or should we be cutting it out of our diets?

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Cold-busting foods

It’s cold time at Brown Bear. In the wintering months the Earth’s energy is drawn back into itself. Colds are more common, and children tend to catch them more often than we do as the illness spreads in places of close contact such as nurseries and schools. Most colds will get better on their own, though it can take children a little longer to recover because their immune systems are only developing. The best thing for it is to eat healthily and get plenty of rest. See below for ten of the best health-boosting foods and drinks you can give them to ward off a cold.

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