Back to School

As much as none of us want to think about it yet, we can no longer be in denial… it’s almost time to go back to school! Or maybe you can’t wait to have the kids out of your hair and to get some much deserved peace and quiet! However you’re feeling, it’s time to start making sure everything is ready for the start of term.

Here at Brown Bear we sell a lovely variety of backpacks, satchels, and drawstring bags to choose from. Skip Hop do a great selection of animal themed backpacks, these are always popular amongst the little ones. Available in lots of different animal designs, there’s everything from a ladybird and a monkey to a unicorn and a dinosaur! So there is something for every child. There is plenty of space inside, including an insulated front zip pocket, perfect for snacks or smaller items.

This season Cath Kidston have again produced many lovely designs of bags. Our favourites are the ‘Holland Park Flower’ padded rucksack for girls and the ‘Dragons’ boxy design for boys. These rucksacks are the perfect size for fitting in all your school supplies for the day, they are easily adjustable and have a pocket for any smaller items. They even have a ‘this belongs to’ window which is super handy for avoiding any mix ups in the cloakroom! Cath Kidston also have some adorable mini rucksacks which are smaller and perfect for nursery if you only need to take a few bits with them. Nothing makes a toddler feel more like a big boy or girl like carrying their own little bag on their back!

The satchel design is a nice alternative to the rucksack but still has the back straps so can be worn like a backpack or carried. Cath Kidston do gorgeous designs: ‘Hampstead Ditsy’ for girls and ‘Construction Site’ for boys (and dont forget the matching pencil case!)

Cath Kidston also make lovely drawstring bags which would make great bags for your child’s P.E. Kit. The bags come in a variety of designs and some of them are reversible – so you’ll never get bored of it!

Lunch boxes and water bottles: These days, these essential items come in a vast array of wonderful designs. Some of our favourites are from Skip Hop. The Skip Hop ‘Lunchies’ (which can coordinate with their backpacks) are insulated lunch bags that have a roomy main compartment that holds sandwiches, snacks, drinks and more. An insulated, wipe-clean interior keeps food and drinks cold, plus an inside mesh pocket holds lunch money, an ice pack or utensils. The great thing about the Skip Hop lunch boxes is that you can also buy matching water bottles.

Cath Kidston also make gorgeous lunch bags which are easy to carry due to the shoulder strap. Some of our favourite designs available are the Ballerina Rose one for girls and the ‘Construction Site’ one for boys. Their snack pots are also perfect for storing smaller foods in safely to keep them clean and un-squashed, and helps the environment by not using as many plastic bags!

Other things you may need to pop on your check list are:

  • School uniform, and spares (as you know, kids are messy!)
  • School shoes
  • P.E. Kit
  • Lightweight coat for September time
  • School bookbag if required
  • Name labels
  • Pencil case if required, with pencils, pens, sharpener, rubber


Good luck! Also, don’t miss out on our Back to School sale in our shop, pop in and say hello!