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Lizzy’s Summer Picks for Girls

Weren’t we lucky to have such glorious weather over the first bank holiday in May? Let’s hope the next is as good. The glorious sunshine has made us very excited to share with you our favourite outfits for summer. This season is a particularly strong one, so it was hard trying to narrow down my faves to a “top 5”. We’ve already had the Summer picks for Boys, if you missed that you can read it here.

Now for the Girls…

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Lizzy’s Summer Picks for Boys

Is it… no it can’t be… no I think it actually might be, finally, THE SUN! Here at Brown Bear we are celebrating the fact that the weather is meant to be finally picking up, and we wanted to share with you some of our favourite clothing pieces for the sunny season! Here are Lizzy’s favourite summer outfits and accessories for boys!

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The Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve is hands down one of the most exciting times of the year for little ones, and over the last couple of years the Christmas Eve box has become quite the craze. We love them and thought we’d provide some inspiration for what to include in yours…

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Lizzy’s Top 5 Autumn Picks for Boys

We have had Lizzy’s Top 5 Autumn Picks for Girls, now it’s the boys turn! This season the boy’s clothes seem to be flying out, and here is why!

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Lizzy’s Top 5 Autumn Picks for Girls

Is it just us or does Autumn feel like it has come early this year? If you are feeling sad that our Summer has come to an end already, maybe these new Autumn clothes will help ease the pain! Lizzy has put together her top 5 Autumn picks for girls.

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Back to School

As much as none of us want to think about it yet, we can no longer be in denial… it’s almost time to go back to school! Or maybe you can’t wait to have the kids out of your hair and to get some much deserved peace and quiet! However you’re feeling, it’s time to start making sure everything is ready for the start of term.

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